I’m Crystal & I love cupcakes ♥

I’m a tiny town photographer in New York with a cute little family and big dreams! I love flare leg jeans, sweet little coffee shops, camping, and willow trees.

I welcome to you and your family to Sugar & Snips Photography! I believe in a natural approach to photography, I want to capture you and your family exactly as you are, naturally. My favorite style is organic, natural, and timeless. I love to take a step back during sessions and just allow your family to be exactly how you are and capture that! Clients love this laid back feeling during their session.

Photography means so much more to me than just a picture, it’s an heirloom, a keepsake of the past; meant to be passed on for generations. Because of that I believe in prints and products rather than files and disks.

I love Seeing your beautiful photos displayed around your home, it make me insanely happy! Someday, your children will cherish an heirloom photo album, they will bring it out for all to see during special occasions, and maybe give it a hug in a silent moment of reflection. In the future, flash drives and CD’s will eventually become obsolete, but a lovely archival print will never go out of style.

Call 315.281.7645 to schedule your session

You can find my studio in Vernon, NY and serves the surrounding areas. I specialize in families, maternity, and newborn photography.

So, take a look around. Visit the galleries to view my most recent work. If you love what you see don’t wait another moment, contact me today about booking a session! Better yet, I’d love to grab coffee and chat with you!